How can I get started with SERO Veterinary Medical Record for my practice?
Email us at robmol@bigpond.com to request a username and password to allow you access to our demo site allowing you to trial the application for 15 days at no cost or obligation.

What is required to run the application?
As the application is web based, you require a web server to host your files. This can either be your current web server if you have a website (subject to server specification), or a new or separate web server which we can organise if required. You also require an internet connection to access the application.

Can I access the application with a mobile device?
The application can be accessed away from your practice with the use of a iPhone/Smartphone or tablet that has internet access. Currently, due to limitations with the iPhone/iPad operating system, only Android and Windows mobile devices support the uploading of image and video files to the application. This limitation can be overcome with a third-party plug in at an extra cost if required.

Is my data secure?
Your data is stored securely on your web server with access only available to authorized users with a password. You can add users as required and grant one of two levels of access to each user. We recommend the use of an SSL certificate with the application to encrypt data transmission between your computer and the web server.

Is my data backed up?
The application has a very database backup one click from the dashboard will backup your database to your harddrive

How many users can the application support?
This all depends on the hosting package you currently have with your website hosting provider. Generally up to 5 users can be supported on most hosting packages, if you require more please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Can the application be customized to suit my practice?
Yes. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs, and an estimate of cost can be given to you.

I already have my client and horse details in another database/spreadsheet. Can they easily be transferred?
Yes, if your details are in a database or spreadsheet, we will convert them for you so they are available in the new application, saving you the task of entering each clients details manually.

Can I have my business logo on the interface?
yes wen can easy place you business branding (logo) on the interface, at no cost .