Overview of SERO

The application consists of a simple to use graphical user friendly interface driven by a server based database engine.

Administration Area

Add new users to the system and assign privileges for each user

Add new client details

Edit client details

Add new horse details

Edit horse details

Add Previous Medical History

Add Medical Report

Client Area

Search for clients by name or from a general search

View all the horses associated with the client

Horse Area

Search for horses by name or from a general search

View general details for the selected horse

View the full history of the horse in a general overview and select specific report

View specific medical records of horses including, dental record, vaccinations record and script record.

Add a new report including images and video from you computer as well as mobile

Add a new report for specific including dental, vaccinations, scripts

Add a cost summery to email back to office for quick processing

Write a discharge to the client and email

Add a medical alert on a horse.

Edit medical records

Print hardcopies or email individual records



Add appointment for existing horses or make appointment for  a new horse, also select vet unavailable



Reproduction Records
Reproduction Records List
Reproduction Record History
Reproduction Record Insemination


Responsive design

The new Responsive design of SERO is specially designed to work great on Ipad, tablets, Iphone, any mobile phones, and any desktop computers. the design will reshape itself when detected viewed on ex. Ipad and reset the style for best use of view area


Easy Database Backup

A new function to easy back up database


Microchip search

A new MICROCHIP search option has been added