Elizabeth Herbert – APEC


      SERO Veterinary Medical Record

      For some time I have been interested in upgrading my medical record keeping. As a 100% equine

      practice with both hospital and ambulatory facilities, I was keen to get a system I could access both

      at the hospital, on calls and at home. A cloud based system was a given. I am not a geek, but I sure

      wanted to get records from my “smart” phone.

      I use Quickbooks and this has also gone online. I wanted to be able to have a better record system

      that would complement that billing system. I actually went to the AAEP convention in 2011 looking

      for a system that would allow me to access and create medical records from a phone, tablet or

      computer. There were none that appealed to me. They were all “going” to be able to do this or

      that. There were a few that were tied to the billing platform that were somewhat portable but none

      had all the things I required. I wanted to do the records, lab reports, and include pictures and if

      My webmaster wanted to make and make this application for me. While I explained how

      complicated it was, he took down the basics and in a few weeks he had the beta version for me to

      try. It took us a week to toss our hand written notes and go to this system. We have added and

      changed a few things, but the system we currently have has been used for over a year and we are

      very impressed and confident that it works. We have had locums come in and it takes them just a

      few minutes to learn the system and to be able to see old medical records. They have been very

      I wanted to store lab reports and do ongoing scripts. I wanted to be able to send a bill to the clinic

      so that the bill was current in my mind and I didn’t forget to charge for some items.

      I have also found that using my phone to dictate the record eliminates a step in my busy life.

      I hate to return to the clinic to do medical records. My nurses are trained to grab my phone when

      we return to the car and enter records and pictures while I dictate. It is done when I get back.

      I can put any digital images in including radiographs and ultrasound images or videos. We are

      currently working on a special application for reproduction.

      To watch a demo please see the youtube video.


      Elizabeth Woolsey Herbert DVM
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